Co-founder at Crusher.devall in one testing framework :)
engineer at Headout
maintainer of Social API at Drupal
cofounder of sveet and roots
developer of Google summer of code
building product with design & code
Hey, I’m Himanshu. I’m an engineer by knack and sometimes design on side.
Recently, I cofounded, a low-code testing framework and currently developing it full time.
Try it out
npx .
check github
I'm generalist with good experience in backend and frontend. I refer myself as a builder. I build products e2e, and to keep them elegant and performant.

I am curious about open source and dev tools. Mainly, because I can be value addon on both technical challenges + product aspects of it. In past, I have worked with startups at different stage and built open source repos. Some have 100k+ downloads
I love web as ecosystem; it's self evolving on it's own and building on it is like a trek

P.S.- I’m ususally building stuff with Utkarsh, he's my brother (and IMO world’s best debugger)